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The 2nd Best Bed

Shakespeare's Life

Shakespeare's Life
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Important events in his life

1564- William Shakespeare is born on the 23rd of April.
1582- On the 28th November, Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway.
1583- Around the 26th of May, their first child is born (Susanna).
1585- Around the 2nd of February, the 2nd and 3rd children (twins) are born (Hamnet and Judith).
1589- Shakespeare writes his first plays, Henry VI parts 1, 2 and 3.
1592- The first outbreak of the plague.
1596- On the 11th of August, Hamnet dies from the plague.
1598- The Globe theatre is built. It is finished in 1599.
1601- William's father, John Shakespeare, dies.
1603/4- 30,000 die of the plague in London.
1607- On the 5th of June, Susanna Shakespeare marries John Hall.
1613- On the 29th of June, The Globe theatre burns down.
1614- The Globe is rebuilt and reopened on the 30th of June.
1616- On the 10th of February, Judith Shakespeare marries Thomas Quiney.
       - On the 25th of March, Shakespeare signs his will.
       - On the 23rd of April, Shakespeare dies on his 52nd birthday.
       - On the 25th of April, Shakespeare is buried at the Holy Trinity Church. He leaves his wife his SECOND BEST BED.
1623- Anne Shakespeare dies.

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